• Seeing the Good – Learn How to Become an Optimist
    After teaching yoga the other day a student asked me “What choices do you make to be happy a ridiculous amount of the time?” (quoting me from an earlier interaction).  It took me a little while to contemplate this as I actually hadn’t explored the why.  It has been a journey, a natural unfolding.I had […]
  • High to Low Yoga Flow
    HIGH TO LOW YOGA FLOWThis time our yoga flow moves high to low, featuring a built in rest pause in everyone’s fave, pigeon pose.Video is coming soon1/ Start in Tadasana inhale the arms up overhead then exhale to interlace fingers behind the back. Linger here enjoying a little heart opening as you lift the chest […]
  • How to Stay Open – Even When you Want to Run Away
    UNDEFENDED OPENESS AS A SKILLWhen we accidentally trip, our natural instinct is to put our arms out and maybe lessen the damage of the fall to our important parts – head and belly. A broken arm is way better than a fractured skull.This is a fine physical instinct but it seems to spill over into […]
  • Sun Dial Pose
    SUN DIAL POSE This delicious flow opens the side body creating more breathing space and opening up our inner GPS into Compass pose as our peak pose. We start this weeks flow in a low lunge in Anjaneyasana and pulse with the breath into Ardha Hanumansana.  The inhale uplifts and the exhale dissolves and folds.  […]
  • Kapinjalasana Flow
    KAPINJALSANA FLOW Here is a complicated little flow that leads up to the baby version of a tricky side plank variation – Kapinjalasana (think baby Natarajasana in Side Plank).  Using ‘peak pose’ theory we reach for the back foot in easier (more achievable) positions as a warm up. From Uttanasana (standing forward fold) lift one […]