Yoga Tips - How to Step Forward from Down Dog to Yoga Lunge With Vanessa Rudge

Feeling like your transitions are a little less than silky?

We generally aim for smooth transitions in our yoga practice to get that delicious Vinyasa feel. With the transition from Down Dog through to lunge so common in our practice, sometimes slowing down and playing with different ways to help our body through can make all the difference.

A common mistakes is letting the hips sag, and not giving yourself enough space to step forward. Instead try hugging the knee in toward the stomach and lifting the hips nice and high giving yourself as much space as possible to step through. You could even lift onto finger tips on the side that you are stepping through, for some extra height.

In the video below, I give a demonstration on common mistakes, and tips to help you create a smooth transition.

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Vanessa Rudge
Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa is a passionate yogini, teacher trainer, coach, cheerleader and perpetual student of life. She seeks to evolve and change, recreating herself anew often. Vanessa means “butterfly” after all. This website itself is a new found freedom and avenue of self-expression. Coaching is an avenue of giving back. She feels blessed to live a life of doing what she loves that it’s a passion to help others to do the same. Life it so short after all! She is the lead trainer at Being Yoga with 20 plus years of teaching experience. With a love of asana and a new found joy in practicing yoga as a moving meditation and a living prayer.