Yoga Tips - Virabhadrasana 2 done differently

Feeling a little jammed in your hips?

At Being Yoga we apply a modern understanding of anatomy. Our main aim with alignment is sustainability, and the ability to move with ease for as long as possible. 

For both structural and physiological reasons, allowing your back hip to come into more of a position of naturalness in your  Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2 Pose), can bring a lot of ease.

Instead of opening the hips out to the long edge in this position, let that back hip face a little more towards the top corner of the mat, then rotate the upper ribs towards the long edge of the mat. Then breathe a sigh of relief.

In the video below, I explain in more detail why we do Virabhadrasana 2 differently.

We hope you found this Yoga Tip Blog post and video helpful.

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Vanessa Rudge
Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa is a passionate yogini, teacher trainer, coach, cheerleader and perpetual student of life. She seeks to evolve and change, recreating herself anew often. Vanessa means “butterfly” after all. This website itself is a new found freedom and avenue of self-expression. Coaching is an avenue of giving back. She feels blessed to live a life of doing what she loves that it’s a passion to help others to do the same. Life it so short after all! She is the lead trainer at Being Yoga with 20 plus years of teaching experience. With a love of asana and a new found joy in practicing yoga as a moving meditation and a living prayer.