Yoga Tips - How to Plank to Chaturanga to Up Dog
With Vanessa Rudge 

Do you feel like you could be stronger, and smoother in your Connecting Vinyasa?

It's all about arm position, shoulder blade activation and squeezing everything in to the centre line to create a strong line of support.

A Connecting Vinyasa is made up of three Poses, but also three transitions. So I thought for this Yoga tip blog I would break down all six parts for you.

Starting in Plank Pose, begin to press into the earth, feeling as though you are rounding through the upper back. This will use your upper back muscles, rather than your arms doing all the heavy lifting.  Lift the hips and tuck your tail to access your core. From here lengthen your breastbone forward without losing hip height, or upper back activation. 

For the first transition you need to travel forward keeping your forearms vertical, press the earth away as you lower to Chaturanga. By now your shoulders should be at elbow height.

In Chaturanga you want to feel like your shoulder blades are moving away from your spine, almost rounding the upper back. Ensure your shoulders don't dip lower than your elbows here. Continue pressing your hands into the floor, engage your core and Gluteal muscles to stay strong. Track the elbows straight back, and broaden across the collarbones. 

For the second transition you will need to slide the feet back just a little, so you end up with your shoulders over your wrists in Up Dog. After the slide back you will need to roll your toes over, then press through your hands and rise into Up Dog.

In Up Dog ensure your wrists are directly under your shoulders. If you didn't quite get the slide back your shoulders will be in front of the wrist and putting strain on them. Press down into your hands to lift out of your shoulders, continue to broaden across your collarbones.

For the last transition start by lifting through your core and hips to reduce the load on your toes. To bring greater fluidity try rolling both toes over at the same time. Then relax and enjoy your Down Dog.

In the video below, I give a demonstration on common mistakes, and tips to help you create a smooth transition.

We hope you enjoyed this Yoga Tip Blog post and Video. 

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Vanessa Rudge
Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa is a passionate yogini, teacher trainer, coach, cheerleader and perpetual student of life. She seeks to evolve and change, recreating herself anew often. Vanessa means “butterfly” after all. This website itself is a new found freedom and avenue of self-expression. Coaching is an avenue of giving back. She feels blessed to live a life of doing what she loves that it’s a passion to help others to do the same. Life it so short after all! She is the lead trainer at Being Yoga with 20 plus years of teaching experience. With a love of asana and a new found joy in practicing yoga as a moving meditation and a living prayer.