Being Yoga Podcast - Episode 28 
Dr Sandeep Gupta 
Could Mould Toxicity Be Killing You? 

This episode could save your health and maybe your life!  Mold exposure is a lot more than just a few black marks in the bathroom.  Many people may be suffering from mold toxicity and not know it.  Extreme mold exposure can kill.   However, for most people it's more of the low grade chronic exposure to water damaged buildings and moldy foods that causes major health problems.  You just start feeling unwell in your body, depressed, anxious, moody and lethargic, your memory suffers and you lose motivation for life. 

These are just some of the many downstream effects of mold exposure.  This week's guest, Dr Sandeep Gupta is an expert in treating Mold Toxicity.   We talk about functional medicine and how getting to the cause of a problem is more important than just treating the symptom.  We get a little technical about what mold does in your body, the tests you can do for mold and the  ways to treat mold toxicity. 

This is a personal issue for me as my health was significantly affected by mold toxicity for a number of years.  Hopefully, there may be something in this show for you and your loved ones. 

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Michael Daly

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