The ultimate body loving and immune boosting beverage!

Jamu is an Indonesian health tonic made from turmeric and other warming, cleansing ingredients.

It's the ideal beverage to fend off colds and flu like nothing else. All year round!

Make a bigger batch and keep it on hand for a glass a day to keep the sickness at bay.


- 250g fresh turmeric root (if your local fruit & veg shop doesn't have it then Coles stocks it - it is seasonal and winter is it's season)

- 100g fresh ginger root

- Water (tap, reverse osmosis, filtered - choose your fave!)

- 2 limes

- Honey or sweetener to taste


1/ Wash the turmeric and ginger well.  Use a vege scrubber to really get into the joins otherwise your Jamu may taste a little 'earthy'.

2/ Cut the turmeric and ginger into chunks that your food processer/blender can handle.

3/ Add enough water to blend the above mixture to a pulpy delight.

4/ Place into a saucepan, add enough water (this will depend on your pot size and how strong you like your jamu). Bring to the boil then simmer until you have scrolled through your social media (that should be about 20mins people.  Any longer and you need to get a life, in my opinion....just sayin).

5/ Caution: this mixture is hot!!  Place another saucepan in your sink. Strain the first pulpy mixture into the new pot. *

6/ Squeeze the fresh limes into the fresh brew and serve.

7/ Add hot water and honey to taste.

* You can save the pulp and reboil it another day (keep in fridge until then!)

We hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you end up making it, please let us know how you go and how it feels drinking t!

Preventing rookie error

Turmeric stains - I mean stains everything!  Your cutting board, knife, blender, saucepans, dishcloths and hands.  Take care if you have a hot date after cooking jamu as your fingers get so stained you look like a chain smoker.....And don't pour the mixtures wearing white for goodness sake, unless you are going for a splattered yellow pattern look.

 To read more on the benefits of Jamu, click here! 

Vanessa Rudge
Vanessa Rudge

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