Being Yoga Podcast -Episode 34

The Yoga of Wealth - Adrian Nathaniel 

Can spirituality and financial abundance live side by side?  How can you manifest wealth and live a deeply purposeful life?  In this episode, I speak with Adrian Nathaniel about the yoga of wealth. 

Adrian is a financial advisor and deeply committed yogi.  He has spent many years in India living in Ashrams before deciding to integrate all he has learnt into a programme of financial and spiritual coaching.  He helps people get all the different priorities of their life in order.

We discuss an ancient Vedic philosophy of Purusartha which speaks of the 4 goals of a wildly juicy life.  Adrian gives practical advice about improving your finances while keeping one eye on the bigger picture of your life.


Michael Daly
Michael Daly

Michael Daly describes himself as a cat with nine lives. He has lived in many different worlds from a previous life in Criminal Law and then working as a Marketing Manager in London before having a sudden shift in priorities. For the past 20 years Michael has been a meditation and yoga teacher and trainer. He has run 3 busy yoga studios, written and taught over 10000 hours of vocational training in yoga and meditation as well as facilitated over 65 retreats in Australia and internationally. He has turned a deep passion to help people into a million dollar business and now supports others to do the same. Alongside this work, Michael runs a Hypnotherapy and Coaching business where he helps people move through anxieties and traumas and towards greater success in life. He is a published author, has appeared in numerous magazines and runs his own Podcast called Being Yoga.