Being Yoga Podcast
Episode 6 - Michael Daly
The Fascinating History of Yoga

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Join Michael Daly as he takes you on a journey back in time to discover the roots of this incredible path of yoga.  Find answers to the questions, when, why and how did yoga begin.  What might have caused people living thousands of years ago to dive into meditation, movement and rituals.  

Michael explores the bigger questions - is yoga part of a bigger universal picture.  Is the very intent of the universe to help us wake up?  

Take this fascinating journey into the history of yoga from the beginning all the way to the present time and be inspired as to where yoga is heading in the future.  We are at a tipping point where the deeper teachings of yoga are starting to be felt in the world.    

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Michael Daly
Michael Daly

Michael Daly describes himself as a cat with nine lives. He has lived in many different worlds from a previous life in Criminal Law and then working as a Marketing Manager in London before having a sudden shift in priorities. For the past 20 years Michael has been a meditation and yoga teacher and trainer. He has run 3 busy yoga studios, written and taught over 10000 hours of vocational training in yoga and meditation as well as facilitated over 65 retreats in Australia and internationally. He has turned a deep passion to help people into a million dollar business and now supports others to do the same. Alongside this work, Michael runs a Hypnotherapy and Coaching business where he helps people move through anxieties and traumas and towards greater success in life. He is a published author, has appeared in numerous magazines and runs his own Podcast called Being Yoga.