Vira 1 Done Differently with Vanessa Rudge
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Hello Being Yogi's! 

We will be diving into our Yoga Tips and exploring Virabhdrasana 1 but done a little differently..

To truly get you on board with this radical, new foot position, I need you to understand your knee. Knees are kinda like our thumbs. You don’t realised how precious they are until you get a paper cut on your thumb and notice how much they’re in use. Knees are the same. Precious and constantly in use.

Knees are primarily a hinge joint. There’s a little twisting that happens so we can change direction when walking, running or do lotus or virasana. When the leg is straight, however, the knee can’t do a damn thing. When straight, your hip and ankle move together in the same direction. Try it for yourself. 

**IMPORTANT** - When the leg is straight (ie your back leg in Vira 1) if your toes are pointing out while squaring the hips forward you are twisting your knee (and when straight it has zero twisting capacity - You are asking the knee to do something it can not do!!! ). *This is potentially injurious.* Do it once, that’ll be ok. Do it over and over - that’s going to be a problem.

INSTEAD - shorten your stance until your toes can comfortably face forward with the heel down. (There can be a slight angle but not too much). Magically, your hip will face forward easily too.

Yes it will feel different. Perhaps think of it as a ‘baby’ variation if that helps. As your Achilles tendon opens you may be able to lengthen your stance. Don’t compromise your foot position though! Knees are precious things that need to be fully functional so you can dance at your 100th birthday party!

Being Yoga is all about sustainably and longevity. 

That means exceptional functional movement informs our alignment. It may not be Instagram worthy. It’s definitely not for sheeple. It is for you if you’re keen to live well in your body temple for a very long time.

In our Level 1 (200hr) Yoga Teacher Training we teach in-depth alignment of about 60 poses. Whether you want to teach or just learn how to yoga well, our next course starts in April 2021 (Sunshine Coast). Don’t live close by? We are offering a Live Online Version too. 

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We hope you enjoyed this blog post and happy flowing! 

Vanessa Rudge
Vanessa Rudge

Vanessa is a passionate yogini, teacher trainer, coach, cheerleader and perpetual student of life. She seeks to evolve and change, recreating herself anew often. Vanessa means “butterfly” after all. This website itself is a new found freedom and avenue of self-expression. Coaching is an avenue of giving back. She feels blessed to live a life of doing what she loves that it’s a passion to help others to do the same. Life it so short after all! She is the lead trainer at Being Yoga with 20 plus years of teaching experience. With a love of asana and a new found joy in practicing yoga as a moving meditation and a living prayer.