Being Yoga Podcast - Episode 32
Christine Barnes
Food as Medicine - Plants vs Meat - Managing Anxiety

In this episode I speak with Christine Barnes, a naturopath, wellness professional and long term yoga practitioner.  We dive into some important topics for modern yoga practitioners.  What is the best diet for you versus what some tradition might say or what the latest You Tube influencer wants to sell you.  Diet is an individualised journey that should be based on intuition, testing and some trial and error.  There is no one size fits all diet that will work for everyone on the planet.

We talk about the challenges of Veganism and how long term this can lead to diminished health, energy levels, brain size and even intelligence.  We discuss the microbiome and how we can hack our environment to influence better bacterial health.  We also speak about the practice of hormesis and how placing temporary stressors on the body will help it to grow back even stronger.  

Christine also shares her Masters research on managing anxiety and how the simplest breath technique of left nostril breathing was found to be as effective as anything else.

Christine offers personalised Naturopathy via Online consultations from anywhere in the world.




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Michael Daly
Michael Daly

Michael Daly describes himself as a cat with nine lives. He has lived in many different worlds from a previous life in Criminal Law and then working as a Marketing Manager in London before having a sudden shift in priorities. For the past 20 years Michael has been a meditation and yoga teacher and trainer. He has run 3 busy yoga studios, written and taught over 10000 hours of vocational training in yoga and meditation as well as facilitated over 65 retreats in Australia and internationally. He has turned a deep passion to help people into a million dollar business and now supports others to do the same. Alongside this work, Michael runs a Hypnotherapy and Coaching business where he helps people move through anxieties and traumas and towards greater success in life. He is a published author, has appeared in numerous magazines and runs his own Podcast called Being Yoga.