Being Yoga Podcast - Episode 20
Simon Borg Olivier
A Living Treasure of Yoga

Simon Borg Olivier is one of Australia's and the world's leading experts on yoga and movement.  He is a physiotherapist and a practitioner of yoga, meditation and breathwork for over 40 years.  

In this episode we discuss Simon's deeper understandings of how yoga works in the body.  We talk about movement, breath and bandha, the circulation of blood flow and how yoga is a practice of bringing Citta and Shakti (mind and energy) together.  

We talk about his three principles for living a great life through yoga and also his early mentors and teachers.  


Yoga Synergy

Simon Borg Olivier

Instagram:  @simonsynergy

Facebook:  @simonborgolivier

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Michael Daly
Michael Daly

Michael Daly describes himself as a cat with nine lives. He has lived in many different worlds from a previous life in Criminal Law and then working as a Marketing Manager in London before having a sudden shift in priorities. For the past 20 years Michael has been a meditation and yoga teacher and trainer. He has run 3 busy yoga studios, written and taught over 10000 hours of vocational training in yoga and meditation as well as facilitated over 65 retreats in Australia and internationally. He has turned a deep passion to help people into a million dollar business and now supports others to do the same. Alongside this work, Michael runs a Hypnotherapy and Coaching business where he helps people move through anxieties and traumas and towards greater success in life. He is a published author, has appeared in numerous magazines and runs his own Podcast called Being Yoga.